Tri-ang TT    

This site is dedicated to the TT range of products manufactured, during the period 1957-1964, by the British manufacturer Tri-ang which was part of the Lines Bros. Group.  It was built to a scale of 3mm compared to that of 4mm for their OO range. The name "TT" came from the phrase used to describe this smaller scale, "Table Top".


In many ways the TT range led its OO counterpart, tension-lock couplings were introduced with the TT range from the start, two years before their introduction in the OO range. In all, as will be seen by illustrations on this site, there was a comprehensive range of Sets, Locomotives, Carriages, Wagons, Buildings and Accessories. These included a Continental  range which included Locomotives, Coaches, Wagons and Buildings. Many of the locomotives, coaches and wagons were smaller versions of their OO counterparts, but there were also many new models in the British outline range, including the GWR Castle and Prairie locomotives as well as different wagons and buildings.


Illustrations from the Fifth Edition Catalogue